Yup. And I’m leaving for HCMC once again this afternoon for our event. So while I’m out running my responsibilities in Vietnam, please feel free once again to browse and pay visit to my previous posts. Will be back on 25th September and blogging resumes then.

By the way, that’s Vietnamese model Than Chan San or Trần Thanh Sơn in real life. He’s our face of Vietnam this time for my second trip in his hometown. Cute huh? He recently posed for a Thai magazine. He are some behind-the-scene photos:

But did you know that Than Chan San is one of those models who bravely admitted that he “enhanced” his image??? Yup! Before he became like those in the pics, Than Chan San paid a lump sum of amount to get the face that every girl and girls-alike fantasize. Here’s a pic of the “old” Than Chan San. . .

So what you think? Do you like the “transformed” Than Chan San or the “old” version of him? As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Catch ya soon, I mean, you guys when I come back from my trip (“,)

Me in front of the Opera House

More behind-the-scene pics here and his interview with Thai TV personality Woody here courtesy of fellow blogger, Dirtii Laundry.


2 thoughts on “I.Miss.Saigon.

    • Hi DL,

      No you’re not a shallow one my dear, you’re just being honest with yourself and that’s OK. We all have different opinion & preferences. Thanks and I hope will enjoy HCMC but really here for work err…responsibility (“,) Cheers!

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