Ananda Everingham as the “Red Eagle” / “Insee-Deang”

“Insee-Daeng” or “Red Eagle” is Thailand’s popular comic superhero. The revival film’s titleholder is now being played by Ananda Everingham. The other actor, Mitr Chaibancha, who played this role 40 years ago died while doing a stunt shooting the “Golden Eagle”.
As a masked vigilante hero, Red Eagle has a powered motorcycle, a pistol, a sword, a red mask and red gloves battling for supremacy over his villains leaving them only with a mysterious card with a “Red Eagle” symbol every time an accomplished battle’s done.
The movie is currently an entry at the 15th Pusan International Film Festival 2010 along with Ananda‘s other movie which is now showing in the theaters and an entry at the PIFF 2010, “Eternity”. In this movie, both Ananda and actress Cherman Ploy Boonyasak has to disrobe for some of the hot scenes required by the script. Here are the posters for that movie.
“Red Eagle” opens on 7th October 2010. Watch the trailer with English subtitle here.

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