Uprising Model: Mr. World Thailand’s Rattasat ‘Max’ Rungsirithip

So after “universe“, let’s concentrate on the “world”, shall we? But this time it’s not our fellow Pinay nor a female gender is our main subject but rather a Thai and a male specie under the name of Rattasat ‘Max’ Rungsirithip.

Max was Thailand’s representative to Mister World 2010 held last 27 March 2010 at Incheon, Korea. After he joined the said contest, Max’s face became more prominent in the fashion print world particularly posing for famous fashion magazines here in Thailand.

But how did Max become popular? How does he look like prior to his Mister World competition and his latest magazine shoots? Let’s dig deeper. . .

The 186 cm tall Chiang Mai native first joined the “Domon Man 2010 Contest”.

By joining this contest, not only he became the face or should I say the body of this male undergarment brand but also he will automatically represented Thailand at the “Mister World 2010” competition held in Incheon, Korea last March. Here are some of the pre-Mister World photos of the 24-year old and 76 kg Max. . .

And here are his pics during the “Mister World 2010” contest . . .

Even though Max did not bring home the bacon, he was part of the Red Team who ended up 2nd Runner Up at the 100m Relay of the Mister Marine Champions of the said competition.

Nevertheless a “thank you boy” from the competition, Max went back home and soon started emerging as a fast-rising model landing fashion photo shoot jobs for some of the reputable fashion mags in Thailand . . .

Priew Magazine

Volume Magazine

Lastly, his recent featured shoots once again from Volume Magazine September 2010 issue . . .

I’m sure we’re gonna hear or see more from him in the near future. Perhaps in a lakorn series or in the big screen. More photos of Max int he gallery below.

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