6 Abs

You’ve seen a parade of Pinoy celeb men yesterday. Today, let me introduce to you 6 Abs, I mean, 6 Thai Celebrity Men with 6 Pack Abs! If not 6, at least it’s flat or work-in-progress. See which men did Volume Magazine choose for this title. . .

Nadech Kugimiya Model, Soap Opera Actor

Passin Ruangvuth Model, Soap Opera & Film Actor

Kan Kantaworn Model, Soap Opera Actor

Danai Charuchinda Model, TV Personality

Benz Nipit Hange Fashion & Ramp Model

Parunyou ‘Tack’ Rojanavudtitham Model, TV & Film Actor, Singer

Thought: The images above are just friendly reminders to keep your belly flat. Not just for looks, but also to avoid connecting heart diseases. But if you are too lazy or busy for a gym workout, too emasculated for a yoga class, too weak to resist alcohol & food then at least, start running now! Yes, running is one way of losing weight and eventually a flat belly. Just bear in mind while running these pictures to keep you from achieving that goal…6 Abs!!!

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