Beautiful GENE-ration

Mark Prin Suparat and Nadech Kugimiya

Sarab “Porsche” Sirilak and Nat “Natthew” Thewphaingarm

On the way back to office from the Immigration Department this morning, a very loquacious old taxi driver mistaken me as a 27-year old “expat” living in the City of Angels. The old chap is well conversed in the English dialect which I’m not surprised at all compared to the younger generation who seems to be “lost in translation”. It’s the “age gap” as what my Thai boss call it. Anyway, the bottom line is I was mistaken way younger than my real age…again!

Countless strangers in the past committed the “same mistake” every time they meet me for the first time and asking me about my age. Another classic incident was just last May when I took a quick vackay to Philippines. I was sitting down with my mother at that time and one Muslim woman (who was bound for Malaysia) chatted with us. She thought I’m just a student studying here in Bangkok. Then another Muslin woman sat down with us. This time, my mother got the biggest shock of her life when that woman thought I’m only 24 years old!!! My mother & I looked at each other and laugh. So I told that “generous” woman that nope, I’m not 24. I told her to re-guess again but this time higher. Guess what figure she threw: 27!!!

I guess it’s in our gene. Or the “magic pills” I’m taking or the just the way I take care of myself. I’m not usually subjected to flattery but it makes me smile every time “kindness” from strangers come like this. And it doesn’t have to be physical at all. Words alone are powerful enough to keep you awake, inspired and happy to keep you going wherever the day may lead you to.

(Photos courtesy of Hamburger Magazine August 2010 issue)


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