When Bangkok Becomes “Shanghai”…

…in a movie. “Shanghai” which stars John Cusack, Chow Yun-fat, Ken Watanabe, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, David Morse and Gong Li was shot in Bangkok in 2008 when the Chinese government taken away the permit from Weinstein Company one week to when the prior filming is due to start. A blessing in disguise, that’s how Gong Li described the situation mentioning that Bangkok was ‘bigger and more beautiful’ than the sets in China, and that ‘Everything exceeded our imagination… all the movies set in Shanghai in the future can shoot here.’

The movie which doesn’t have any release date in the US yet is currently showing in the cinema houses in Thailand.

But this wasn’t the first time that Thailand was chosen to be both the subject and main location set. In August 2006, “Bangkok Dangerous” start filming in Bangkok. The movie which starred Nicolas Cage and Thai star, Chakrit Yamnam unfortunately bombed at the box office.

But the most commercially successful, most controversial flick shot in the Land of FrownsSmiles that stirred commotion even among the Thai politicians after its release and yet largely panned by critics was Leonardo DiCaprio’s a decade ago movie, “The Beach”. The movie which grossed US$144+ million in the box-office was shot at Koh Phi Phi Islands in the southern part of Thailand.

The ironic & funny part of it all is the fact that neither one of these movies were viewed by yours truly who took time to blog about it.

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