Thailand Album Sales of Charice

It all paid off! Since last week, Charice‘s self-titled debut album released under Warner Music dominated the #1 slot in all major record stores in Thailand!

Last 30 July, I spoke with one executive from Warner Music Thailand as to how many CD copies were sold alone on-site during Charice’s concert at Siam Discovery last 23 July: 200+ copies!!! Of course, that doesn’t include those people who bought from other shops or record stores on that day.  When asked for the overall album sales, they already sold 4,000+ copies! Not bad for an Asian artist who’s making a debut in the international arena.

I even went to Siam Paragon on that day and in one record store, I saw a few people who took off  CDs of Charice from the display shelf and went directly to the cashier to pay.

Congratulations Charice! You made us Pinoys and the rest of your Asian race proud! And to those of you who doesn’t own one yet, go buy the ORIGINAL…now na!


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