100th Post: Whatever Happened, Happy Birthday Edward Furlong!

You may remember him as the vulnerable and original John Connor in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” alongside. . .

"Hasta la vista, baby..."

. . .Arnold Schwarzenegger or as Danny Vinyard with Academy Award nominee Edward Norton. . .

. . .or the pin-up boy of Calvin Klein . . .

If you don’t recognize him, I do. Edward Walter Furlong or sometimes called Eddie Furlong turns 33 today. I’d remember buying Bop mags at Booksale with my bestfriends Harry & Peps whenever he’s there and pin ’em up on my walls.

He’s a natural actor. Call it luck or fate, Eddie have already accomplished acting alongside A-list and/or Academy heavyweights including the likes of: Meryl Streep & Liam Neeson in “Before and After”; “A Home of Our Own” with Kathy Bates in which he won the “Best Youth Actor Leading Role in a Motion Picture Drama” for the said role, Jeff Bridges in “American Heart”; “Little Odessa” with Tim Roth and Vanessa Redgrave; Anthony Edwards in “Pet Sematary2”; Steve Buscemi in “Animal Factory” and in his first, non-dark comedy role ever, “Pecker” with Christna Ricci. That’s just Edward Furlong. He was meant to be an actor.

He had a long battle with drugs & alcohol and married “Jimmy & Judy” fellow actor, Rachael Bella in April 2006 where he fathered a son with her named, Ethan Page Furlong in September of the same year. In 2009, Rachael filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

But this wasn’t the end of the road for Eddie. We will see him once again in the big screen this time with a high-budgeted film and a very “top secret” role of Tupper where no information was being dispersed to media in Seth Rogen’s “The Green Hornet” due early next year. The movie has a heavyweight cast aside from Rogen: Jay Chou playing Kato, Cameron Diaz, Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz and Tom Wilkinson among a few.

Would this be the comeback movie for Eddie? We’ll find out. For the meantime, let’s just wish him all the best. Talking about best wishes, you may as well include me for making this blog entry my 100th post…at least to this blog.

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