Actual Production Pics of Marco Manalac in “Equus”

You’ve seen the technical dress rehearsal here before and now this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Nah, not the full frontal nor the butt view.

And since “Marco Manalac Equus” unanimously emerging in my Top{most} Posts and Search Engine Terms, perhaps I should turn this blog into Marco’s Official Fan Site, what you think ? ;-P 

Kidding aside, Marco and Repertory Philippines need you to watch the Final Screening Night on July 25, 2010 8 pm where Marco himself will play as Alan Strang on that night. This IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF 15 YEAR OLD PAO DALUZ. HIS DAD PASSED AWAY LAST DECEMBER AND NOW HIS MOM WANTS TO LEAVE FOR DUBAI TO BE ABLE TO SEND HIM TO SCHOOL. The poor kid needs his mother at this point. Let’s all help. SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNTED TICKETS (P…250.00 ONLY) SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT TEL# 9751177! REGULAR PRICES THROUGH TICKETWORLD AT 891-9999!

And of course, you’ll get a chance to mingle with Marco after the show so go buy the tickets now and hit two “birds” with one stone 🙂

Update: Due to some “moralist’s” request email to me, I have to remove the photo of Marco Manalac showing his back side during the play. My apologies to my readers…lucky are those early birds who were able to catch the “worm”  (“,)

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