Jay Montonn Jira

It’s a matter of choice. We got an invitation for a soft opening of a new club in New Petchburi tonight and their guest DJ tonight is no other than Jay Montonn Jira. I thought, this would be cool as I may have an opportunity to interview Jay and perhaps make Kodakan with him. But tonight is a big night for my team Brasil as they are fighting for supremacy against Netherlands.

Jay has been in the industry for like nearly two decades now. He started as a pin-up boy after director Poj Arnon (who was an editor of a magazine then) asked him. Jay flies back & forth to US and does his modeling & acting job in Thailand every summer. In the end, he completed two major degrees: economics and music. The latter of course made him one of Thailand’s premier and sought after DJs. Talking about economics as his other major, Jay built his own business—a music empire actually, Samut Prakarn Sound.

At 32 (can you believe that???), Jay is still active. In fact, his new movie, “That Sounds Good” (movie poster above) opened along with Tom Cruise’s “Knight & Day” and Jackie Chan’s “Karate Kid” last week in which the last two movies I marathoned last Wednesday and was I was able to preview another movie trailer of him which was shot a few years back and for some reasons, it was shelved—“PopStar“.

Something tells me that Jay is a very funny & naughty party boy. Take a look at the pictures above. Cool! Anyway, it’d cooler if I get a chance to chat with him vis-a-vis someday dressed up in an 80’s themed costume. Somedaaaaaaaay (singing the highest part of Mariah’s)!!!

More photos of Jay in the gallery below.


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