“Winter Sonata’s” Park Yong-ha Commits Suicide!

Only a  few days ago, Viveka Babajee was reported dead by hanging in her own apartment in India. And now, another Asian celebrity died for the same reason. Park Yong-ha was found dead  by her mother hanging from a cable of a cellular phone in his home at Seoul Nonhyundong at approximately )5:30 hrs. this morning.

According to online reports, the actor massaged his father’s legs and then walked to his room at 0:40 am. He is reported to have said repeatedly “I am sorry” but no more details were given.  It is known that the actor’s father is suffering from terminal stomach cancer and park had been taking sleeping pills due to insomnia.

South Korea has the highest suicide rate among the 30 nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and a number of them recently were high-profile.

Choi Jin-sil, one of South Korea’s most famous actresses, committed suicide two years ago. In March, her younger brother, Choi Jin-young, also an actor, killed himself in Seoul.

Former President Roh Moo-hyun jumped to his death last May while embroiled in a widening corruption scandal, and the ex-chairman of South Korea’s oldest conglomerate, Park Yong-oh of the Doosan Group, killed himself in November.

Park Yon Ha funeral procession has been scheduled for July 2. My heart goes to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

I just wonder why these people are dropping like flies. Life is short…so we must value it no matter what or where our journey leads us to.

(Sources here & here)

5 thoughts on ““Winter Sonata’s” Park Yong-ha Commits Suicide!

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    • hi min sung young…i believe a lot of us were saddened & shocked by it but whatever was the main reason behind it, let’s just pray that his soul finds eternal peace now.

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