Did Mario Maurer’s “Dog” Tail Was Put Behind?

But that’s just a metaphor. Literally speaking, Mario Maurer’s new movie after “Saranae Siblow“, “The Dog” was set to open for regular screening starting on 1st July but for some strange reasons, it was moved. Was it because the production company who produced this comedy film which also stars Boy (pictured on the bottom right side of the poster) and a cast of prominent Thai comedians finally realized that they are clashing with two box-office Hollywood film sequels namely, Eclipse and Toy Story 3??? Hmmm.

Whatever. For the meantime, here are some photos of Mario Maurer, the once very hottest face in Thailand is now being replaced with newcomers, Nadech Kugimiya and Mark Prin Suparat, agree?!

Well at least Mario has some new movies. Yup. Aside from “The Dog”, Mario is starring in another romantic comedy titled, “A Thing Called Love” which is tentatively released on 26th August…this year. Here are some screencaps and poster of the said movie for all of you Mario Maurer die-hard fans out there. . .

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