Catfight Over Micky: Mor Oiy vs. Mapraow

It’s really a “cat”fight as they want the same “micky” (mouse)!

I was never confused Jutharat “Mor Oiy” Athakorn saw pink when a gay designer accused her of stealing “his” boyfriend.

The late-night cable TV host has delayed her marriage plans after designer Kongkiat “Mapraow” Kehtkaew released revealing pictures of himself with Mor Oiy’s betrothed.

Mor Oiy has threatened to sue, while her fiance, model and co-presenter Nathapong “Micky” Chopcheun, insisted he was straight and knew the Mapraow only through work.

Mapraow, however, said Micky should be man enough to admit they were once close.

Mapraow released two pictures of the pair together – barely a day after Micky claimed he had never had a picture taken with his gay friend.

One picture shows Mapraow nuzzling into the cheek of a bare-chested Micky. In the other picture, Mapraow has his hands around the young man’s neck. Micky declared he was relieved to see the pictures, as everyone can now see that he is not gay.

“It’s just two guys having a hug,” he said. “I pose for pictures like these with anyone who asks.”

He said his plans to wed Mor Oiy (new name, “Jenny”), originally set for next month, had now been delayed, as he would have to convince Oiy’s family first that he was still the right man for her.

Earlier, Mor Oiy said she would sue Mapraow for 60 million baht, after Mapraow implied she had stolen the man Mapraow previously regarded as his own.

Mor Oiy and Micky declared last month that they intended to wed, after knowing each other for five months.

Mor Oiy, a former nurse known for her nearly naked shoots in fashion magazines when she is not fronting her sexy cable TV show, has demanded a 10 million baht dowry from Micky, who is 10 years her junior.

Micky was no good in bed, but was pleasant company, Mor Oiy told reporters at the time.

News of their nuptials appears to have upset Mapraow, who in one news report suggested Micky had left him without so much as a by-your-leave.

“When we were together, I helped him with money, and even bought him a BMW 3 Series. He’s not as rich as he makes out,” one report quoted Mapraow as saying.

Mapraow conceded Micky is probably straight, but said he should be more open about his past.

Mor Oiy said she had spoken to Mapraow once, on Valentine’s Day, when she called the designer’s number by mistake from Micky’s mobile phone.

“Mapraow answered, and quizzed me for about an hour about my intentions,” she said. “He sounded like Micky’s protector.”

She still believed in Micky, but would delay her wedding plans until Mapraow made an apology, or the outcome of the court case was known.

“My mum asked me if I can be sure Micky is straight. I told her to rest easy. If anything, this drama has brought us closer. I can go out with him with pride.”

A day later, however, Mapraow had released those revealing pictures, taken about a year ago – which Micky said he had simply forgotten.

Micky said the pictures come from a clothes fitting session. Mapraow said they were taken in a “private room” by Micky, on Mapraow’s mobile phone camera.

Micky and Mapraow met about 10 years ago, when Micky was making a music video.

“I may not look too manly, but I was born this way,” said Micky, adding he had not taken money from anyone.

Micky’s mother said she had spoken to Mapraow. “I asked him, since when has my son been your ‘husband’?” she said.

“Mapraow replied that the media had put words in his mouth.

“But by the next day, another story had appeared in the same vein,” she complained.

Micky’s mother has laid a complaint with police about Mapraow’s remarks – and Mor Oiy is likely to follow unless she gets her apology.

Mapraow said he never mentioned her name specifically, so she might have trouble in court.


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