Famous Khon Kaen Boys

If you think racism only happens from one country to another, think about it again. In Thailand, discrimination among their fellow Thais is very rampant…and I believe it’s a common disease EVERYWHERE. Here in the “Land of Smiles”, if you belong to the high society, the slang term that they will tag you is that you are a “Hi-So” or short for High Society.

I brought up this issue as I know some of my friends & acquaintances, who are Thais, think the same way every time they gossip about someone they know who came from Isan, Thailand’s poorest region. Hearing the word “poor” makes these people “feel” superior even though some of them are not, at least to my knowledge. Funny huh. But you know what, so what if you came from a poor family? As long as you live a life without hurting anyone or stepping someone else, that’s what matters most.

So to those of you out there who are maltreating the Isan race, click the above pics to see the larger image of those famous Khon Kaen (a city in Isan and capital of Khon Kaen Province) boys then get a mirror, look at yourself and compare your face with them. Justify yourself by all means. Peace!

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