Muli: Cogie Domingo’s Comeback Movie

Based on Jerry Gracio’s Palanca-winning screenplay, the film chronicles the spanning love story between an underground activist/inn keeper and a lawyer in Baguio City whose complications, joys and tragedies provide a testament to the ultimate power of love.

Now 24, Cogie Domingo engages in hot scenes with actor Sid Lucero in the said movie. Cogie is also not ruling out other bold scenes, like nudity, in the film where he plays a closet lawyer carrying a secret love affair with a community organizer played by Lucero. With this premise, “Muli” promises to be just the kind of comeback that an actor sidelined by a bad press, rumors of a drug habit, and an illicit affair with the girlfriend of a known personality, may be looking for. (Source)

A subject of big & numerous controversies a few years back, Cogie did admit that he tried drugs.

“I did try drugs,” he conceded, “pero hindi naman ako naging heavy user.”

And, no, he said he didn’t know that the woman linked to him was committed to a powerful man, without admitting if they ever had an affair. (Source)

Direk Adolf Alix Jr. (left) on the set of "Muli" with actor Sid Lucero.

Directed by award-winning and prolific indie-maker, Adolf Alix Jr. and penned by Jerry Gracio based on his 2007 Palanca Award Winning screenplay, “Muli” also stars Marco Alcaraz, Paolo Rivero, Max Eigenmann, Rocky Salumbides, Evelyn Vargas, Angeli Bayani, Kenneth Ocampo, Arnold Reyes. Andrew Miguel and introducing Ardie Bascara. Produced by MJM Productions, “Muli” hits the theaters soon.

To watch the trailer, you can visit the movie’s official blog site here.


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