When Liking “Like” Becomes Unlikely

Who is not head-over-heels about Facebook’s “Like” button? It’s so convenient for those of us who appreciate what are friends posted in their page. Not only in Facebook this marvelous plugin feature icon can be seen but also in MANY BLOGS…except mine. You may wonder why so I’m telling you, I’ve done all my best to apply the said button but UNFORTUNATELY, WordPress.Com doesn’t support this feature!!! Only those who blog at WordPress.Org are the fortunate ones!!!

I know many of my readers belong to the “Silent Majority” which means they drop by my blog, read, browse but perhaps don’t have the luxury of time to express what they want via Comment. So that “Like” button would be soooooooo awesome for my readers to “like” my blog posts instead of commenting as they only have to “Click” the button once and then…voila!

Anyway it’s a free blog hosting so can’t complain much…but would truly appreciate if the developers of my host blog could come up with something similar, if not possible for them to do exactly this “Like” button. I’m sure many fellow WordPress.Com bloggers ALREADY like this idea.

If there’s a will there’s a way. So I improvise the “Like” button by using WordPress’ “Poll” feature. From now on, at the end of my every blog post, you will see a box poll where you can easily “click” one button from three selections: “Me Likey!”, “Me Likey, Likey!” and “Me Super Likey!”…and I hope you will “Like” this idea so start liking it..now! Thank you ;->


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