Thai Singer/Model Gumpan Bazoo Shot During The Red Chaos

Krichana Phanitphong or better known in Thai with his screen name Gumpan Bazoo reckons someone has it in for him after he was shot on the 27th floor of his city condo as fighting rage on the street below between red shirts and security forces.

Gumpan was heading on to his balcony of the Complete Condo in the Ratchaprarop area on May 15 when he was shot in the right shoulder.

A friend, who had ventured on to the balcony a moment earlier, wasn’t so lucky. He was killed by another bullet.

Gumpan had just returned from a wedding with three friends.

One of his mates had left his motorbike at Gumpan’s condo in Rang Nam Road. As they returned at 1 am, they found they couldn’t get access to the place, as the street had been closed off by fighting. They slept the night somewhere else.

The next day, they parked the car nearby and scaled a wall to get into his condo, where they decided to take shelter until the trouble had passed.

“About 4 pm, as the sound of gunshots and explosions rang out below, one of the guys in my group ventured out on the balcony,” said Gumpan.

“I called out, telling him it was too dangerous, and that he should come back inside. But I was too late. He was shot in the nech, and collapsed. I crawled out on the balcony to go to his aid, but was shot in the shoulder. The bullet exited through my back. His body lay there for hours before it could be retrieved. 

My other friend managed to get me downstairs. Because of the fighting, the ambulance couldn’t gain access to our place for an hour,” he said.

Gumpan doubts he was shot by a soldier, or that they were stray bullets. “I believe the gunman, whoever he is, took aim at us and shot us deliberately…yet he must have known we were unarmed. We were high up. It probably came from someone positioned even higher than us, but I don’t know who. I haven’t made any enemies.

I never thought Thailand would come to this. My condo was like a battlefield. Even the emergency workers who helped me were shot. I would like to ask those responsible: Why were you attacking innocent people?”     

He would probably sell the condo, as the thought of staying there now gave him the creeps.

(Source: The Bangkok Post)

Here is a video link of the then young Gumpan with his song, “Jai Chum Chum” while the photos below in the gallery were taken from his 2009 sexy calendar diary as part of his desperatecomeback attempt slash “exposure”.


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