Soi Silom

“Let the truth prevails. Fight your ego . Love yourself. 

Defend for PEACE.” 

‘Twas a horrible situation when a bomb exploded at the heart of one of the most commercialized and popular hangout spots in Bangkok—SILOM. Claiming 5 lives (3 from last night and 2 today who were in serious conditions from last night’s incident) and 80+ injured people including a few foreigners, this protest is way too dragging and peskying. We are highly affected by it, seriously.

Just wanna thank my family, friends & readers who expressed their utmost concerns about my safety in the middle of all these mess…THANK YOU ALL! And keep on praying that sooner or later, everything will be back to normal.    

4 thoughts on “Soi Silom

  1. happy to hear that youre safe cee.

    aargh… kainis.
    nahuli na naman ako magcomment sa other blog mo. hehe

    alam mo naman ako.. bihira maka online
    but anyway… you know my sentiments…
    bring back THE ROSE. hehe
    whatever you post there… we will love… definitely.

    ingat lagi dyan

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