Behind The Lens: ‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth

It’s still sizzling RED (no funpun intended) hawt, hawt, hawt here in Bangkok and you can feel the heat insinuating that summer is definitely here! It’s no wonder that even soap opera actor ‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth was convinced to to strip off leaving him only wearing skimpy swimming trunks under the sun!

Ta is one of the “precious” talents of Channel 3. He is best known for his gay role in a soap opera last 2008 and became an instant gay idol because of it. With his sexy pictorial for the summer issue of Volume Mag., I believe his gay fan base has increased some more…not to mention real girls, ladies & women!

And you think being  model is that easy? For Asians like me, I’d avoid the sun ray as much as possible but Ta braved it for this pictorial…with his sunscreen lotion on of course! Here are the behind-the-scene photos of Ta especially dedicated to Merrick, one of my longest & loyal readers :->

4 thoughts on “Behind The Lens: ‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth

  1. Awww, Cee. What joy it is to be part of the BTS of things like that. Nainggit? LOL

    Cee, question. Why do some mags there have VCDs with them? Lahat ba ganun or just a select few?

    I’m still curiously amused that guys there are ok with such things. Saya. :p

    • merrick, not all mags but most of them do have vcds. i think most of the “models” know what they’re doing but i heard from a model friend that one defunct mag where he posed for it and deceived him by posing beyond aka not in the contract ;->

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