On Holiday

Hi guys! I arrived this morning at Chiangrai International Airport and my dear friends Akkarin and Chach pick us up (us means with out two other Thai friends) and we’re now at their lovely home in Chiangkham. Started throwing water on the road with them this afternoon even though April 13 is the official Songkran Festival but since Chiangkham is in the north, early activities are usually done here. So I’m off for blogging for now and see you on April 16. Ciao!

5 thoughts on “On Holiday

  1. Oh my effin’ gawd! CEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Is this really you as in YOU?!? Remember me?!? Ikaw ba talaga ito, our WonderCee?!?

  2. C!!!
    almost 3months of no word from you.
    i forgot about this blog of yours. hehe
    thank heavens you posted again in modr.

    really missed you and my fave blog

    im sure all of us who follow you went cold turkey when you shut it down with no warning

    also sad the egroup had to go

    still wishin and hopin it would rise again like a phoenix

    but im uber happy to see you happy in your posts here

    wish you all the best

    missin you much

    • Daaaaaaaale! Mizz u much 2! After Merrick, now I’m so happy to hear from you. I did send an email to everyone but only a few responded like Traxex. Anyways, hope you enjoy my new blogging style…cheers!

      • wiiii!!!
        i did not receive an email. huhu
        or maybe you sent it in my old email. hehe
        yeah im enjoying it…
        but i miss the “old” blogging style, ahehe. nothing’s wrong with it naman e.
        sana tinuloy mo pa din yung group. para we can still share and come together.
        take care. hugs

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