Give A Damn…It’s Easter!

It feels so nice to be reborn! Coming out of your shell like a chic to an egg. I hope last Holy Week made most of us a lot of thinking. Lots of repentance. Plentiful of thoughts. Coincidentally, it’s also a week where I give a damn like Anna Paquin who admitted that she’s a bisexual in a video to support Cyndi Lauper‘s “Give A Damn Campaign“.

After Ricky Martin’s almost shocking revelation, Anna followed up but for a good cause. And you too can make a big difference: straight, bi, gay, lesbian by signing up (it’s free!) at the official campaign site.

I don’t have much anything to say really but let me just share with you some wonderful insights from my favorite writer, Paulo Coelho from his book “Manual of the Warrior of Light”. . .

A warrior of light has always a second chance in life.

Like all other men and woman, he was not born knowing how to use a sword; he made many mistakes before he discovered his Personal Legend.

No warrior can sit down by the fire and tell the others: “I always did the right thing.” Anyone who says this is lying and has not yet learned to know himself. The true warrior of light has committed injustices in the past.

But as he proceeds on his journey, he realizes that the people to whom he did not behave correctly always cross his path again.

It is his chance to right the wrong he did them, and he always, unhesitatingly, seizes that chance.

Have a nice Easter Sunday and do give a damn thing about second life…second chances. Because what matters most is the ACCEPTANCE, FAITH & LOVE toward the person you truly value that counts at all.

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