Blood Of Youth Part Deux!

Marsha and Thailand's new "it" model boy, Nadech Kugimiya

Marsha with Nat Thephasadin

Marsha with model & singer Peter Corp Dyrendal. Marsha's 6 years senior of Peter.

8 years senior Marsha with soap opera star Pong Nawat.

They say, the true secret of staying young is to “be” with young people. Look at Marsha Wattanapanich. Who will say that this woman is already 40??? Urban legend or not, I’ve heard stories (and seen some) from “elder” people whom you may refer to as “cradle-snatchers” or the more popular term now “cougars”, they look younger than their actual age. I just wonder, is it just in their blood that they are born that way—aging gracefully or they needed a younger blood to keep them forever young like Edward Cullen?

Benz Nipit Hange

Matthew Dean

Mark Prin Suparat

Perhaps, the company of the younger ones brings so much joy and stress-free to the elders and that’s why wrinkles are delayed. Whatever! All I can say is keep young and beautiful…if you can!

Here are the other photos from this month’s issue of Image Magazine. . .

For further reading, here‘s an earlier post from fellow blogger Lyn Lakorn.

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