Adolf Alix “D’Survivors” Looks Like Fun!

"Tabi-tabi po! Daraan ang reyna!"

With veteran comedian Evelyn Vargas.

Adolf Alix Jr. is very notoriously notable for his heavy drama movies. The upcoming, “Romeo & Juliet” is one of them which will hit the cinemas in April 24. But what happens when Brapanese models such as Fabio Ide and Daniel Kenji Matsunaga and other Pinoy models like Lemuel Pelayo, Rocky Salumbides, Kerbie Zamore, Jubail Andres and Aaron Tuiza get trapped and lost in an island? Looking at the photos above especially with Ms. Evelyn Vargas in the scene, I believe it’ll gonna be a fun in the sun! Take note that the move was shot in Camarines Sur, one of Philippines’ fast rising tourist spots and not to mention that it was my father’s hometown.

Adolf, who is the only Filipino who made it at the “Next Gen Asia: Class of 2010” honoring young Asian professionals in the entertainment industry along with “Love of Siam” director Chookiat Sakveerakul, says on the set of “D’Survivors”: “I’ve always wanted to do a comedy.  People think I’m too serious.  Then again, they may be wrong. 🙂 Let’s see how this one goes.”

We’ll find out then when the movie hits the theaters this April.


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