The Road to Thailand Creative Event Awards 2009

Just 6 more sleeping nights and the red carpet is on! Thailand Creative Event Awards (TCEA) is organized by the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) in partnership with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand Incentive & Convention Association (TICA), Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT), EMA Thailand and KTC to recognize the best, creative and innovative events held in Thailand. And I’m so proud to say that three of our submitted entries were finalists for two categories: 2 entries for the “Theme Event” Category and 1 entry for the “Opening Ceremony” Category.  Man it feels like getting a nomination from the OSCAR Awards or more like a TONY since the recognition is about “live performance”.

Anyway, since yesterday, I can’t help thinking about a presentable getup to match up the ceremony since we’re talking about creativity & innovation besides my being not most people and my passion for fashion! To “assist” me visualize it, here are some of the fashionista costumes I found with my corresponding thoughts. . .

The Gaga Look

Minus the hair and the hand-piece, I’m thinking of a male version of it since it is an Armani creation…but only ’til I can afford one on my own! Next…

The Hot Look

Red is actually a very strong color. It will bring out the strong character in me but then I had a second thought about it: I don’t want the security to make the wrong impression or assumption about me that I just came out from the streets holding placards & protesting! Moving on…

The Cool Look

If it’s from Karl Lagerfeld, then it is definitely good! With strong humidity and temperature rising in Bangkok all of which reminding us that summer is here, wearing a thick fur in summer…groundbreaking! Besides, I’m anti-killing animals for fur or coats! Jumping on…

The Queen Look

I so love Alexander McQueen’s final masterpieces! And this is one of them. Besides, gold is a very auspicious color in Thailand so this is a plus factor. But then, only if I have a so-called “financial freedom” ready at the palm of my hands…sigh!

The Golden Boy

Chic & fabulous! What you think guys??? I think I can carry it. But then I thought that it would be so unoriginal of me if I copy this costume. So let’s just drop it.

No worries. I already visualized my getup last night. How does it look like??? Let’s keep it as a thrill for the meantime. But I will surely post all the photos from the awarding ceremony which will be held this coming 24th March at…nah, better not tell the venue for security purposes.


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