This Is It!: Thai Stars Part Wan…

Mimicking Jacko's signature cr*tch-grabbing pose from left to right: Chinawut 'Chin' Indracusin, Worrawech 'Dan' Danuwong, Anuchit 'Oh' Sapanphong and the last guy whom I can't identify, sowwry!

As mentioned in the past, being the PAST (Philippines’ Ambassador of Showbiz Thailand), it’s my patriotic duty to you to bring some rare Thai news. Obviously, the above photo was taken last 20th February 2010 during the “This Is It” Concert, a tribute to the late Michael Jackson. ‘Twas a star-studded shindig though where new & not so new artists performed including Chinawut ‘Chin’ Indracusin, Worrawech ‘Dan’ Danuwong and lakorn (soap opera in Thai) actor  Anuchit ‘Oh’ Sapanphong. So among the three who were pictured above, who’s the best cr*tch-grabbin’ Jacko poser to you???

From left to right: Golf & Mike, Mai Charoenpura, Tata Young and Christina Aguilar.

Moving on, other big Thai superstars who performed include brothers Golf & Mike, Mai Charoenpura, still international sensation “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy” (“I Believe”) Tata Young and little did you know mga kababayan ko is Filipino-Spanish-Vietnamese-French & Thai-born dancing queen…Christina Aguilar! Uh-huh and not Aguilera po!

Abangan ang part 2!!!


One thought on “This Is It!: Thai Stars Part Wan…

  1. I’m so digging for Chin. He’s so cute and talented! Dan is OK. Oh? Isn’t he the guy from that soap opera before who played a gay guy and kissed this newcomer singer? Golf & Mike is overrated! Mai I don’t know. Tata I still love her. Christina Aguilar is a Filipina? Wow!

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