Peace & Love

For those of you who aren’t aware of what’s goin’ on right now in the Land of SmirksSmiles…Thailand, google it or simply read the news from the Press Association. Seriously, everyone’s fed up by it. So yesterday, I coincidentally planned wore two of my precious wrist bands from Giordano which I bought ages ago when I was still working in Myanmar. Since the lucky color of during Friday is blue (this is a Thai belief), I accessorize myself a bit using these wrist bands who were kept in my cassone for a long, long, long while when I realize what’s written on it on the way to the office. . .

The left photo says: “World Without Strangers”, a famous slogan used by Giordano for their ad campaigns. On the right engraves: “PEACE” (blue band) and a vaguely reflected “LOVE” (pink band). That’s all!

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