Me…Myself & Ananda Everingham!

Me and Ananda Everingham during a kodakan session at Centralworld SF Cinema during the Bangkok International Film Fest '08

It was direk Adolf Alix Jr., whose new movies “Romeo at Juliet“opening this March 24 and “D’Survivors”also out sometime in march, who introduced us (“us” means me, 2-time Palanca Awardee Dominic Manrique and “Jay” director Francis Xavier Pasion) to Ananda Everingham who was part of the jury then during the Bangkok International Film Festival 2008. Ananda just finished screening a film as part of his “jury duty” and we also just finished watching Adolf’s “Tambolista” or “Drumbeat” when Adolf bumped at him. Ananda was nice and friendly. And despite his hectic sched, he was so generous to spare some of his precious time to make “kodakan” with us and to chat a bit as well.

Anyway, of all the male Thai actors (actually Ananda is a Lao-Australian), I find Ananda’s acting very natural. His very first movie that I saw was “Shutter” which had a remake in 2007 and stars Joshua Jackson, but frankly, the Thai version’s even more thrilling than the latter. Then again, I purchased a DVD of another movie of him, “Me…Myself“, in which Ananda played a kathoey/transvestite cabaret performer who suffers from amnesia after a vehicular accident and fell in love with the woman who took care of him. Very interesting twist indeed and no wonder this movie garnered director Pongpat Wachirabunjong a Silver Peacock Award for Most Promising Director at the 38th International Film Festival of India.

Anyway in that movie, Ananda has to disrobe himself in one scene. So before I give the screencaps of that scene, let me remind once again those who are not immune to seeing “nude” photos or people below 18 years of age, please stop here. Here are the screencaps. . .

So where are we gonna see him next? Watch Ananda as he turns himself as the new “Red Eagle“!!! It’s just like the “Panday” of Thai cinema. That’s all!

3 thoughts on “Me…Myself & Ananda Everingham!

  1. Nice photo of you and Ananda, now I’m jealous 😦 Saw all of Ananda’s movies. Have you seen Happy Birthday and Sawadee Luang Prabang? They are nice too.

  2. I must say: “Amen!” Ang haba naman ng hair mo! And yes you are right because I also like Ananda’s acting.

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