When Love Takes Over

One heart: my mother (right) and I taken last January during their "state" visit to Thailand. This was at Sattahip in Pattaya.

Last night, I went to Major Cineplex Ekkamai to watch Garry Marshall’s “Valentine’s Day“. I was supposed to watch this on  Valentine’s Day itself but wasn’t able to as you know I had my “Wo Ai Ni Day” on that night. Anyway, whether there were mixed reviews about this movie, I don’t really care at all! Valentine-themed flicks are supposed to be light and targeted for the heart, hence, a feel-good movie to feed your emotions—OK, in biology it was actually the hypothalamus that links the nervous system to the endocrine system via pituitary gland but to sugar coat it a bit, most people often link the feelings or emotions to the heart instead of the hypothalamus.

Back to real life, as soon as I finished watching it, my friend Chach called me up inviting me to have some late dinner with them as Akkarin is leaving for Bangladesh again the following day. So I went straight to their condo. While having dinner, Chach put on a VCD of “Bangkok Traffic Love Story“.

And even though I did not understand some of the Thai words as there was no subtitling on it, it made me laugh through their actions & expressions alone. Speaking of alone, that’s one major subject of in that movie too. Same thing with “Valentine’s Day” movie, it doesn’t need a deep, mind-boggling thrilling scenes there to make most people (including myself :-P) giggle slash blush slash nostalgic in the theatre.

My folks...they are the great example of real couplehood as they have been married for ages as in they will already celebrate their golden anniversary in a few years time.

So I said to myself, “OK, I’ll give myself a rest for the day to be most people. Anyway, if it wasn’t for love then why else am I here in this planet where people live?” But I guess that’s when love takes over my eccentricities then there’s nothing else I can do but to dance to the beat of it: HEART, HYPOTHALAMUS, WHATEVER. . .


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