What’s Up, Witwisit?

So you might be wonderin’ where is Mew, the character that made Witwisit Hiranyawongkul or better known as Pitch or Pchy famous from the movie “Love of Siam” alongside Mario Maurer, by now? As most of you already know, “Love of Siam” was Thailand’s submission to the 81st Academy Awards. It created a huge stir both critically and in the box-office and admired by people—straight or not. But what truly made this film sensational was because of the two stars in which the latter became more popular in terms of modeling & product endorsing while Pitch concentrated on his music career with his band, August. Both young stars even made their own fan base in the Philippines.

Since Mario had enough publicity, I will rather feature Pitch whom I got a chance to chat & take photo with him during his Bangkok International  Film Festival ’08 appearance at the gala night. I was with my friend Chach at that time and he took a nice shot of me & Pitch together. . .

While browsing for some new photos of him at his August Band site to feature here, I found a photo posted there and it was taken by another fan while I was interviewing Pitch. IntentionallyUnfortunately, it only showed a part of my right arm, leg & my bulging t…ummy! 😛 Here’s the photo. . .

Moving on, I’m sure the fans of Witwisit would like to see some latest pics of him. So I took some of the interesting ones from their band’s site. The photos were actually taken during their January 30, 2010 “Fat Festival” gig in Chiangmai. . .

And as a bonus, it is never too late to give calendars for 2010. Here’s a calendar made by another fan for all f you . . .

18 thoughts on “What’s Up, Witwisit?

  1. Oh my gawd!!!

    I can’t believe this! And I thought I one less website to visit on a weekend. But now, my lovable website that serves Thai food is back!!!

    I’m sooo happy you’re back. By the way, your pasalubong “Pitchy-Pitcy” is great.

    By the way, I still visit your closed blog, like maybe some life will sprout there. hahaha…

    Anywayz, I’m glad your back!!!

    mwah mwah…

    • Hey Traxex,

      Believe it or not but here I am! So glad you liked the “Pchy-pchy” pasalubong. Please don’t waste your time visiting the old blog, wala ng mga “kabuteng” bigla na lang lilitaw duon…hehehe. So glad to hear from you and thanks for being the first one to respond :->

  2. Dearest Cee,

    A friend never dictates the flow or direction another friend should take but rather, take his hand and join him on his journey no matter where the journey may take them.

    You are right in saying that the pictures you shared with all of us has given us a measure of joy but, really, what depth is ther in that? Sharing of one’s life and “soul” is really the mark of true friendship and not the superficial friendships of the cyberworld, though it may serve its purpose in starting that very friendship.

    Yes, I am still with you as long as we tke this journey together. Thanks for being a friend. It is really appreciated. May you achieve all your dreams and goals and may God bless you always.

    Your friend,


    • Hi Mario,

      I’m speechless. Your words of wisdom always melt my heart and I do really appreciate it. Thanks for your immediate response and I’m so glad to be reconnected with yah ;-D


      • The pleasure has always been mine and, if it’s not too late, I’d like to
        thank you for all the things you have done for me and wish you the best in
        the Year of the Tiger. Hugs always.
        Your Mario

  3. Dear Cee,

    Thank you for welcoming us to this side of your life. Minus the beefcakes, I’d still partake of the slices(s)of life you plan to serve in this blog.

    It’s good to hear from you. All the best,


  4. Hi,

    Just passing by to say thank you for giving us the chance to be with you..to this side of your life..by the way I was the one who wrote his first and last message from your previous blog.

    I hope you feature more of pchy and mario..and of course other interesting things about Thailand..like Chiangmai and the longest street, can’t remember the name.

    It’s nice to have you around,thanks for sharing this…MABUHAY KA!!!

  5. Dear Cee,

    we could never asked for more… having shared yourself with us was more than enough that not even a million pictures will do… for this we liked and maybe loved you more…



  6. Pitch looked the same yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow. I’d kill for that moment just to be with Mew! Swerte mo at nakapicture mo sya. Ala ka bang contact number ni Pitch???

    • Wow! Nagulat naman ako kasi kelan pa bang natutong mag-Tagalog itong si Lady Gaga…yun pala Gayga ikaw! Hehehe. Wala akong contact number ni Pitch pero marami akong kakilala sa industry here to get it pero I’m sure hindi pwede itong ipamigay nang basta-basta. For what ba?

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