Spot Me: Royal Thai Navy Hall

Most people would simply say, “It’s my job” or “This is my work”. Most people but me. Ever since I was in my college, I have thought about the terms “job” or “work”. Was it just a job-job or a work-work? So I looked at it deeply and found out that there’s more to it. So if anyone asks me about my “WORK” or “JOB”, I’d reply: “I’m doing fine with my RESPONSIBILITY.”  Yes, a “work” or “job” is a “responsibility”. Sometimes people only “work” for the bread and some do their “job” for a living but we should also remember that we must do our “responsibility” with passion & fun in order to do things right. By doing things right, we will not only feed our stomachs or survive a day but we also INSPIRE others with our “responsibility”.

Alright, enough about me being pedagogical. Reason for mentioning the above first paragraph is related to the photos below. That’s right. You’ve seen me in my relaxing mood during my “Wo Ai Ni Day” last Feb. 14 so this time, let me take you to my “Kingdom of Responsibility”. Nearly 4 years now as a Marketing & Production Manager in an events and DMC (Destination Management Company) here in Thailand, I would not deny how much I enjoyed the fabulous benefits of being in the hospitality & tourism industry. I have many many many people from all walks of life and have dealt with top execs not to mention the left & right invitations from different hotels, restaurants & other establishments. Truly it was a roller coaster ride for me.

The Royal Thai Navy Hall was used to host the 2003 APEC Meeting and for the Royal Family's gatherings.

The interior of Chomwang Room facing the majestic Grand Palace on the other side of Chao Praya River.

So for now, I will show you a few photos from our event held last November at the Chomwang Room of the Royal Thai Navy Hall. It was actually the second night/gala dinner that we prepared for our logistics company client from USA. My responsibilities on that event??? As a production person, I was in charge of the overall creative requirements from the concept to entertainments to ambience decor down to the tiniest details of the table centerpieces which means I’m an “invisible” person during the event.

Transforming Chomwang Room: the product of my passion & fun while doing my responsibility. Chao Praya River can be seen on the right side of the photo.

Talking about “invisible”, let’s see if how good you are in scrutinizing as the photos below show actual scenes from the event and for some reasons, the camera found its way to take snap shots of me while doing my massive “responsibilities” on-site. Don’t worry, I will give you some clues by stating some objects or elements to guide you. But before that, let me show you a snap shot photo of mine in which the photographer took while I just finished showing the way out to the last delegates after the dinner/program was done so that you will have an idea or another guide to easily trace me. . .

Seriously, I didn't know that the photographer was taking my photo. But I'm smiling??? Of course I have to smile. We have to service with a smile! 🙂

Now, are you ready to peek at my snap photos & play to spot me? Here we go. . .

Clues: I'm on the right side. Follow the "sound" and you shall see me 😉

Clue: Follow the "light" and you shall see me 😉

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